Where is my volume?

About 4 years ago I bought a Yamaha THR 10 guitar practice amp, which is small enough to sit on my computer desk and I use it for my computer audio, and being stereo it sounds great.
The amp came with Cubase AI which I was unable install as my old computer wasn’t up to spec.
But last week I bought a new one and installed Cubase, Brilliant.
Being totally new to any recording software I followed the online manual and recorded my first guitar track when I played it back there was no sound at all, not even the click track.
So I checked that I’d entered everything correctly , input and output bussies, audio device, Steinberg driver, all ok.
Looking at the screen everything was there and looked ok.
the project window was showing the guitar track, nothing was muted and the monitor button was on but no sound . what am I doing wrong?
I hope one of you wonderful people can help.
Thank, Mel.

Disable the monitor button for playback.

Cheers mate , sorted.


Happy to help.