Where is my VST2 .dll file for Halion 6?

Hi everyone,

I want to use Halion with Ableton 10, but ableton doesn´t support VST3. So I need the VST2 .dll file of Halion 6.

I have checked all the normal locations of VST plugin folders and have even tried to reinstall Halion, but it never gives me the option to download a VST2 version.

I have even tried renaming the VST3 file with a .dll extention, but this disn´t work.

Can anyone help?

Many thanks!

Why do you assume there is a VST2 version? I don’t think Steinberg (creators of VST) are going to offer a current product with an outdated VST specification.

From what I can gather, since Ableton 10.1 VST3 is supported (I’m not an Ableton user).

HALion works with 64bit VST2 hosts (but NOT with 32bit hosts).

Try looking in places like:
C:/Program Files/Vstplugins
C:/Program Files/Steinberg/Vstplugins
C:/Program Files/Common Files/VST2

If it’s not in either of these places give this a try…

Make a copy of the Halion 6.vst3 plugin into whatever is your favorite place for stashing your plugins. That should be somewhere in:
C:/Program Files/Common Files/VST3

Rename it so the extension is dll instead of vst3.