Where is "New Basic Audio CD" hiding, please?

I know I have been told once before, but I cannot remember and cannot find the thread either.
Just set up a new DAW, and for the life of me I simply cannot find the “Basic Audio CD” dialogue at all.
The “help” isn’t, as all it tells me is “This specific tool window allows you to blah blah blah”
but it does not actually tell me where to find the thing.

It always used to be under “File/New/Create Basic Audio CD” - but now it has been hidden well out of view.
Very frustrating, and I cannot find it at all…someone please put me out of my misery!!

This is a tool window found in the Audio File workspace.

I’ll add another question. I can find this window in the Utilities tab of WLE, and rename the burn folder, but the CD burner image stays grayed out. Does this mean WL can’t find my CD burner or that I have not loaded the folder with a wave file?

OK, answering my own question, I see I hadn’t loaded a file. CD burner works, I’m feeling good.

Thanks, PG.
However - I must be either blind or stupid, as I cannot see it.
I can see Data CD/DVD, Burn Audio CD from DDP image, Import Audio CD tracks, Audio file in new workspace, Audio Montage in new workspace etc but no “New Basic Audio CD”.

In WL6, it is right there under “New > Basic Audio CD” but it is now well hidden.


ok I’m with you neilwilkes, this is a total mystery , the manual says go to file- new- basic audio cd…um there is no basic audio cd. The CD tool window exists, But this option of Basic Audio CD,is gone, not there, non existent. maybe its discontinued in Wavelab 10, maybe all the features are rolled into The CD window, maybe this maybe that… a little clarity on this would be nice , and not just a two word answer, explain this…