Where is Nexus2 in Cubase9

In cubase 6 i had also my nexus vst.
In cubase 9 i can’t find it within the program…?
Did i install it not in a proper way…?
How to install so that Cubase9 recognize it…?
Or can i surch it in cubase 9 via the plug in’s tab…?
Anyone has suggestions on that…?
Kind regards,

Do you have the 64bit version of Nexus installed? Cubase 9 requires 64 bit versions only.

I had the same problem and I discovered my version of Nexus was 32bit.
You should find it in Plugin Manager --> Blacklist

i did several new installations. nothing helped

then : i selected the steinberg folder , vst plugins.
It was found now…

Same problem here.
Solution: you must add the “X86” paths within the plugin-manager and do a new scan.