Where is Nuendo 8 NEK

I can’t see nuendo 8 NEK in the shop. Has it gone? Is it somewhere else anyone know?

It’s been included in N8

Yep, no more separate license needed for NEK. It’s all inside N8 now and comes with the regular license.

And this was a decision long over due, in my opinion.
It finally ends the discussion over NEK.
If they now get rid of the bugs, too, me is a happy user again.
Well, … the labeling of some knobs are still gray on gray.
I wished they’d give the letters on the buttons a color again.

Big K

thanks all for helping me. The support from yamaha in singapore is not great

From what I read on these forums the support of all of Steinberg is not great. People sending in support tickets with bugs and never hearing back for months. Or their tickets getting deleted quietly without explanation. I think for such questions the forum is a much better place.

Yes, NEK is now dead. Curiously, the people who had paid for the NEK in add-on form paid the same upgrade price for N8 as those who had not. Not that big of a deal to me (I was one of them), but it does add further to the sometimes puzzling decisions Steinberg often makes about how to run their business. Very strange at times.

On the upside, it does give us something to talk about!


Another reason to stick with V7, for the next while.