Where is "Paragraph styles|"?

Been hunting this with no luck. The manual merely says " You can open the Paragraph Styles dialog in Engrave mode by choosing Engrave > Paragraph Styles."
I press the Engrave mode button (next to write button) but then where? There is a top menu item “Engrave” but it’s not on this list. I have found out where the comprehensive “Engrave Options” pop up is but there is no entry for “paragraph styles”.
I am trying to reduce the font of some bar numbers, preferably just the “supplementary” bar numbers

thank you ( I am going to be a pest for a while while I learn this :wink:)


It moved to the Library menu in Dorico 4.

Do bookmark the Dorico 4 manual (see this page on Paragraph Styles, for instance) and search it directly. Google tends to give the results that have been around the longest, which means you’ll often get Google search results for Dorico 1. The latest version of the manual a) applies to the latest version of the software and b) is much more fully fleshed out.


Thank you very much - found it :smiley: Help bookmarked too