Where is Play mode in the Web User guide?

I have just looked at the Web Help guide, but cannot find the section on Play Mode.

Am I missing something ?

Here it is: Play mode

The version 4 manual doesn’t yet include Play mode – for now you can refer to the Dorico 4 Version History document.

(@k_b careful about searching online for manuals, it’s easy to end up on very old pages – your link is from v1 of the software, and is a version of the manual I really wouldn’t recommend using unless someone really was still using Dorico 1! The url and also the logo on the top-left of webhelp pages will give you an indication of the version.)

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oops, sorry. I was surprised myself how fast I came back with a google search…
The beauty of iOS is that it hides a url or cuts it down so one actually doesn’t know, were one exactly lands… I did the search on an iPhone and ended up with this:

Thank you - I thought it would be somewhere !

Yes that’s true, the original first version manual didn’t specify “v1”, as it didn’t need to at that stage! And therefore it’s probably the hardest to tell immediately whether it’s not the latest.

The manuals team really are looking into ways to make it easier to version-hop, which would be a welcome improvement when it comes.

Regarding versions, I find the difference in color scheme between v1–2 and v3–4 is very informative! Since we can’t seem to control which versions show up in web searches, I wonder if there could be at least a slight variation in color scheme for each major version. Seeing v4 pages in the same colors as v3.5 makes me worry that many users will miss the difference.

The differentiation in appearance is more an accident of timing, based on when updates to the overall styling were brought in, but I agree it’s another helpful visual indication of version. My hope is that when we do implement a dedicated “version hopping” facility, perhaps including easier language-hopping too, that will do the job.

(Edit: as it happens, the v4 manual will end up with a different styling for numbered images, offering another visual distinctness from v3.5. As these get updated to reflect Dorico 4’s UI, they’ll also use our current numbering style, which is quite different from what we used previously. For example, Layout Options in v4 compared to v3.5)

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