Where is pre-roll activate icon in 9.5 Elements during punch record?

As an audio book narrator producer, I’m recording spoken vocal only with 9.5 Pro and using IC pro on an iPad to control the board recording. I’ve been unsuccessful getting the pre-roll to activate and let me hear what’s recorded until the punch-in moment and then to record at that spot. I’ve set-up as instructed in the manual, but I can’t find videos for 9.5 to explain how to engage the pre-roll pre-set and actually begin recording where the Left range selector is set. I’m not punching out to re-record a segment. Once I punch in, I continue record until I make an error. Then stop. Back up to hear where to punch in. Set range selector. Then I want to click a key to automatically move back to pre-set pre-roll, play, and automatically punch-in to begin record from selected spot forward. I don’t find any instructions that explain how this last step is activated using IC Pro to remote control the board (play pre-roll, switch monitor button from play to record mode, punch record to begin record after pre-roll playback).

Another audiobook narrator has helped search and found that right-clicking on the punch in button on the Transport, opens a menu in which I can select to activate pre-roll. That expands the Transport to include the Pre-roll button which when “lit” (selected) expands the window in which to set the length of the pre-roll. Recording remotely from the booth today, I discovered the pre-roll operates in play back as well as in record mode.

The problem now is: how do I hear the playback in my headset, and then get the board to switch so I can hear the record audio in my headset? Can the board be set-up to make an automatic switch from “monitor on” to “monitor off” when record punches in without me punching the button on the transport since at that moment I have to be reading the script?