Where is Prefader Button ?

Where is Pre-fader Button ?

Those sends where so nice before (v4-v5) … why did you changed them ?

Right-click the button and find the prefader option…

All this clicking around is getting exhausting, but at least, the function exists.

Thanx, So akward…

The color indication for pre or post fader sends is not really good.

A first user of nuendo would not understand…

A dedicated button would be nice !

You can change the color in preferences. I’m finding it easier to know at a glance with the new color system.


nothing about sends is good in N6, it’s horrible
if they would at least mimic the look and behavior of the inserts…but the stupid rick clicking, not being able to double click and open the channel, not being able to re-order and not being able to properly read…
now, the prefader being hidden…
Sends are my least favorite part of the new mixer, not being able to re-order has bugged me forever now and it’s actually pissing me off that is was left out during the re-write…and now the right-clicking for basic moves…arrgh

(sorry, I’m a bit in ranting mood)


Yes. One click pre fader please.


Better…re-do the whole thing.
Less clicks…faster working … less stress …

Big K
still on N5 because of N6’s missguided mixer design…

We think alike guys thanx !