where is Pro 8.5 download option?

Hi anyone, I have purchased to update to Pro 8.5 but cant find a link to the download. The full setup file in My Steinberg/Support is for the earlier version. Am I missing something? Cheers, Rod

Perhaps someone who has been through the process could just let me know how they actually accessed the update - would be really appreciated :slight_smile:

Have you entered your download access code in ‘my Stienberg’

There should have been a link to the update in the email you received after purchase. Otherwise there should be the full 8.5 download in your My Steinberg account.

Hi folks, thank you, yes there was a link in an email. I didn’t notice it because the email went into my spam folder. If anyone having same probs sees this - you have to update your dongle by putting the activation code (in the email) into your dongle (using the elicenser software), then register all licenses using the same software. then log in at Steinberg/my Steinberg and 8.5 should be available there as a download (not an update, but only the full installation available so far as I am aware). All sorted, thank you to those who responded :slight_smile:

There wasn’t a link to download the update in your email?

Scroll past the Activation number, there’s a section call Order Information and there should be a link called “Download”.

Just curious.