Where is release asio driver when in background in Dorico?

Wavela -dorico together problem

  1. dorico is open at first then in background, when I open wavelab : wavelab don’t see my sound card
    2.Wavelab open at first ok Open Dorico ok but when I reswitch to wavelab : waveleab don’t play and say the audio device output could not set to 44 100Hz
    but Dorico is in 44’100:

    I think the problem is asio driver not released so:
    where is release asio driver when in background in Dorico?
    I looked here
  2. Edit > Device setup
  3. Edit > Preference > Play
  4. Library > Playback option
  5. Play > something

Dorico doesn’t provide an option to release the ASIO driver when in the background. Ulf’s standard advice in this situation is to use the Yamaha USB ASIO device in one application and the Generic Low-latency ASIO Driver device in the other. You might give that a try.

I already tried: it doesn’t work !
(or perhaps with the begin of nightmare to test which one should have which driver and which should be opened first)
So my solution without nighmare is to use Voicemeter banana and use Voicemeeter Virtual ASIO in both with steinberg UR22C
In my other computer, I can run D3.5 and wavelab Pro 10 together,but I use a motu pro soundcard and Window 7
I’m not still 100% on my new computer so I use for the moment the ur22C but I will change to my motu when I would have time

I just tested with a MOTU sound card: no more problems at all. Everything can work together
so the problem is the yamaha asio driver for Steinberg UR22c sound card (I haven’t tested the other models yet)

I believe it is indeed the case that the UR-22 drivers are not multi-client capable on Windows, which is why you can’t have both applications set to use the same driver, but I’m glad you can make progress with your MOTU card.