where is Steinberg?

I’m a little worried?

-Various documentation not being updated
-Mostly irrelevant posts in a total of 6?? collected issues
-Many new mods doing close to nothing - or handling level 1 knowledge posts
-Forum buggy
-Old features not being enhanced to match current Cubase or time
-Updates/Fixes coming in at an alarmingly slow rate
-Many universal workflow enhancements being ignored
-great ideas not being implemented

maybe i am disillusioned, or not in a musical state of mind atm to notice these things… idk…
Many times I think that it would take me 1 month at HQ to fix things up and propel the software and the company to where it should be in 2014.
It cant be because of missing money as yamahas net sales last year was something like 366 Billion Yen (over 3 billion$). - So what is it?
Are the original Devs still there? - How many Devs are working on what?
Are you giving up?
Do you need some help from advanced beings?

This is in no way a rant… I’m just wondering what is going on…and… hoping for the best…

or, am i just being silly due to lack of focus?

  • I know its all a game… lets play again?

edit: ech… whatever… its not a steinberg only thing… its the same with all civilizations, people, companies and products… sometimes i just freak out knowing that our progression is being slowed down on purpose…
nothing to see here… move on…


Good one J!

IMHO C7.5 is not only the best Cubase ever
but is the most comprehensive DAW made on planet Earth.
Perfect no. But still the best.

IMHO C7.5 is not only the best Cubase ever
but is the most comprehensive DAW made on planet Earth.
Perfect no. But still the best.

I agree! =)

edit: what if I told you that I could make it even better? -mind blown?

Always welcomed with much Aloha.

Which one exactly?

True but this is simply because every support team member here in Hamburg gets moderator status automatically. We have added several new members to the team but our focus still is on emails and phone support. If time permits, we do more than just moderation and first level support here as well.

Any examples?

We love great ideas but it’s always a matter of priorities and even greater ideas that need to be implemented first :wink:
These points could start another discussion I’d rather avoid as we have many of these in this forum already. We try our best to make it right for everyone which is not always possible.

Thank you for the offer but we are fine and some of the developers from the beginning are still here. Even Charlie Steinberg says hi every now and then. As an independent company under the Yamaha umbrella, we do add to the Yamaha revenue but we still have to work with the money we make ourselves. Without getting into trouble, I can reveal that Steinberg is far from having 3 billion USD available :wink:

Try to look at the bright side of things in life. Maybe there are actually some good things about us and our software as well. You never know! :slight_smile:

Hiya Ed=)

  1. Cubase 7.5 Docs were not available on the main site. - The midi devices doc is also not up to speed (to the new cubase) - yet obviously still valid
  2. thx for the info)
  3. Adding attachments in PM - The allowed attachments are not allowed…
  4. I am all for the “greater” ideas :wink:
  5. This makes me happy. Pls send my regards to them for all their fine work. Thanks for the contribution to mankind!=) I hope life is good under the umbrella=)- You are also under mine;)
    6.You are absolutely right. - I do look on the bright side and wish it for all… this post was not meant to be negative in anyway btw…-sometimes, I crash -can happen:P - You know how complex this whole construct of life is:P
    Now, I love you guys (platonically) and Cubase is Ace! - Trust me, I know :wink: I wish you all the best in life.- as someone we know once said: “Live Long and Prosper” :wink:
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!=))

Thanks for your post! We try to be as up to date as possible but sometimes certain files and documents simply haven’t been created or are released later on purpose.
We will check the attachment issue. Thankfully, if it’s an issue, we can blame someone else this time :wink:

and Hamburg is in Germany :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Limit54 wrote:
i like an update but honestly who wants to buy new upgrades every year.
just think its to fast.


Seems very very difficult to please all users.


You wonder, with all this worrying and general concerns, who’s writing music?

Oh, and what about the baggage’ry at Heathrow?

It’s being ‘out-sourced’ now because it is ‘waaaaaaay’ cheaper that way.

Should arrive in a ‘brown paper bag’ in the ‘dead of night’
at Heathrow in a week or so. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thanks for a good laugh! :laughing: