Where is support? v2


This is my second try to voice my unrest with this situation. I now have two messages that I wrote to support in the MySteinberg Area, non of which has been ever answered. The first one was about a problem in Cubase, the second one now about a problem with WaveLab 9.5 (a functional problem regarding the DDP Player not starting up.)

I can’t believe I have spent literally thousands of Euros over the years on Cubase and Wavelab (the full versions, now called ‘pro’) and I can’t even get someone from support to react to my problem? I mean a mere reaction?! Is there a general Email-Adress where Steinberg support can be reached? I mean I still give them the benefit of the doubt, it could be a bug in MySteinberg, but still… this is getting very annoying and would be reason enough to drop the products of the company alltogether.

Now, I’ve tried before to adress this situation in the forum and my post was flagged as ‘not on topic’ and not even approved. So I fear the same thing will happen with this one. So then at least I would ask the moderator to provide me with some information on how I can reach Tech support at Steinberg.


Oh, so apperently in the Lounge section there is no need for Moderator appoval. Thank god. Now back on topic. What can I do about this situation?
And please excuse my somewhat irritated tone…

That would depend on where you are located, but the info can be found on the steinberg website.

That’s the problem, I did everything by the book. I’m in Switzerland and as in many european countries I’m instructed to open a ticket on MySteinberg --> Support. Which is what I did. Last time (maybe 6 months ago) I even got an automatically generated Email saying that my ticket would be attended to within 1-2 working days. I wrote another message in the ticket after a week or so and also replied to the Email, but only silence. This time I didn’t even get the automatic message.

I do see a phone number, though, so I will call there if I don’t hear anything until end of the week.

You are mistaken. The only mod approval that is needed is for a member’s first post, due an amazing number of spam post attempts.

Also, if you post your actual question in the right forum it is very likely you will get an answer to it very quickly.

@billy, just ask Steve. You are wasting your time with a support ticket IMO. they are always on Holiday there or holding a contest of how many support tickets they cannot answer LOL