Where is That Dom Sigalas Video to Clean Up In Between Noise?

Can someone send me the URL to the Dom Sigalas video where he cleans up noise in between audio clips using the Cubase snap to zero crossings and Audio → Process → Insert Silence?

I’m working on a paper for a class and I can’t find that YouTube video anymore… Very frustrating and it’s stressing me out.



Not sure, but you could try searching here:

Cubase Index

That’s mostly the Greg Ondo Club Cubase content, which there is a ton of, but I’d be surprised if you couldn’t find what you’re looking for there.

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Thx SF_Green:

“Cubase Index” is cool. I finally found what I was looking for strangely in:
5 Tips for a Great Electric Bass Sound | Cubase Secrets with Dom
at 14:53:

No wonder I didn’t find it… I wasn’t looking for an EBass video :rofl:. There’s some really useful content in that video that even applies to non-bass parts. I was stressin last night about not being able to find that because I wanted my “internal” paper to give attribution.



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