Where is the Absolete 3 comparrison with Absolute 4

I would like to know if anything new has been added to Absolute 4 that I don’t already have in Absolute 3.
Is it worth the upgrade price?
I know that they updated Groove Agent but what about the other plugins?
Did they just add a little content?
I could not find a side by side comparison of Absolute 3 and Absolute 4.

I found this awhile ago, but now I can’t find where I found it …

Absolute 4 Comparison Chart 01.jpg

they also added padshop 2 and Olympus choir micro to absolute 4 since this picture was created

Good info!

And, it’s not a comparison, but here is a picture of all the download components of Absolute 4:

And FWIW, here is the package download info for Absolute 3: