Where is the Cubase 12 download

Download assistant doesn’t work on Monterey and Cubase 12 is not listed when I click the “Show Steinberg license-based products” button on the website.

I bought Cubase 11 back in November and was promised a free upgrade to 12, if I go and try to buy the upgrade it asks for £85.

How am I supposed to obtain the download?

Use the upgrade search in the activation manager once you install it.

Ok I have downloaded the activation manager, I found the grace period check by clicking the user icon on the top right of the application, and I have now activated Cubase 12 on this machine.

I still though have no way of downloading the application, the download manager doesn’t work on Monetary and there is no download link on the website.

Choose the one that you purchased and tried downloading from the downloads page in support. here is the link

Thanks, downloaded now and working.

Nice Rock on!

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