Where is the gain plugin?

I need a simple gain plugin. Does CX have it?

You don’t need a plugin, it’s already in the channel strip. In the pre section.

What is CX?
Check the Plugin Reference manual, it lists the Plugins that are available in the different Cubase Versions.

I think CX is the special secret version of Cubase that has every feature anybody has ever asked for on any DAW in the known universe but Steinberg is just too danged mean to allow anyone to use (except a tiny cabal of Hollywood film composers who had to sell their souls to obtain it).

Either that or its a typo. Could go either way.

Use the gain in the Pre or if needed elsewhere in the signal flow use a compressor but don’t compress with it just increase gain via makeup control.

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X is roman for 10. CX = C10.

I learned that in school. :slight_smile:

What’s a pre-fader section? I really don’t know. I’d just prefer to have a plugin. Protools has it (been watching a lot of mixing videos, they seem to use that a lot). It’s much quicker that way than digging somewhere for it.

I hope one day it will appear in Cubase. Not a big deal. I’ll just continue using plugins for boosts.

While gain in the channel pre-filter section can be used for this purpose, I generally use the BlueCat Gain plugin instead. It’s free and has a nice simple effective GUI for a gain plugin. I avoid opening the channel settings window in C10 now that it is so wide :slight_smile:.

Yeah, the mixer horrifies me too, I try to avoid it too as much as I can, lol. I prefer little tiny windows with a few buttons or sliders instead of massive ones with billion sliders buttons and lights. :laughing: Will try the BlueCat plugin, thanks.

Cubase for Linux? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice find! Gain plugins can be useful in a plugin chain to manage gain staging for plugins that don’t have integrated gain controls.

In the VST SDK, one of the sample plugins is the simplest possible, i.e. a gain plugin without a custom GUI. I’m not sure whether the binary is available for download though. The advantage is that it’s so simple, it uses almost no CPU.

Just open the RACK drop down on the top right of the mixer and you can show or hide any section of the mixer you want so you could just have Pre and Inserts showing for example. You dont have to use any of the Cubase built in mixer stuff either, just load up your inserts like you do in Protools and make that your TEMPLATE Project.

Yes, but Cubase is latin not roman. What was rather the question: Is it CP, CA, CE, CL…?

Latin and Roman is the same, well Latin is the spoken, Roman are the numerals.
The numerals we use in the western world are Arab, invented in India and spread via the Arabs to the west/world.
Sorry OT, I know.
And my wording might not be political correct, but I learned that nearly 50 years ago, where political correctness wasn’t invented yet. :slight_smile:

Correct of course! Was a little bit confused.

Yes, cubase mixer is not the best part of cubase, but there is gain “knob” in channel editor

And what about just a clip gain? The simplest damn thing. Use “info line”, there is everything you need

Sometimes you (I) need to gainstage between plugins…An included plugin would be nice, but BlueCat Gain plugin is working perfectly

I also dig DMG Track Control for that purpose. Lots of good free plugins for that task.

Just put some eq plugin and use its gain / trim knob

I made a feature request some time ago, that we have a input and output gain adjustment on every insert slot.
Could be useful, I don’t know if it is a big enough issue, for me it happens surprisingly seldom that I need gain adjustment between plugins.

I use the MixerDelay plugin for this purpose. It does the job for me. Cubase Pro only…