Where is the high pass filter?

Sorry, I searched in the help section in cubase, searched in google, and searched in youtube, but I can’t find anywhere that directs me to where the high pass filter is. Is this some plug in I need to buy seperately from cubase?

open the mixer and click the “Racks” config button at the top. You want to enable the “Pre” section.

Ok, so HC and LC are High Cut and Low Cut right? Do these work differently than a “high pass” filter? Also, I noticed that every track has this, so if I adjust these settings, it will affect it for the whole track? Is there anyway to use these filters on just one portion of the song, or will it always have to be on the whole track?

Hi Cut = Low Pass : Low Cut = Hi Pass

Tracks are not the song, the project is a combination of all the tracks. So 1 track will have 1 set of effects in it’s chain. You can use Group Tracks, FX Tracks and various sends if you want to have multiple tracks affected by the same effects chain.

Thank you!, but I meant… Is there a way to only have the High Pass/Low Pass filter affect a portion of the song. Say for example, I only want to have a high pass filter, on the first verse, and not the whole thing. How would I do that?

ah! and one more question. In the mixer next to Pre, I noticed that some of the bullets are grey, some are hollow, and some are yellow if I click on them, what do the different colors mean?

That’s what automation is for

It means someone needs to use the manual

Aloha a,
I don’t think most users would try that process using the MixConsole.

If you are using Audio Tracks you can apply specific fxs
to the verse and different specific fxs to the chorus simply by cutting the track into sections
and applying fxs to each section. (in the menu bar under:
Audio then either ‘Process’ or ‘Plug-ins’).

But if you had to undo stuff later this approach could
be problematic.

Why not just separate tracks for verses and choruses etc?
Then you can do whatever you want, where ever you want.

You did not list your gear but most current computers
can handle mucho audio tracks.

HTH (hope this helps)

Thanks curteye, I appreciate the tips, I couldn’t find a high pass filter as a plug in effect. Only as a pre track effect as someone else pointed out. But apparently he’s only willing to help so far. Comments like “read the manual”, don’t help at all. And if you’re too lazy to type out a 30 second response to a question you know the answer to, don’t tell me to sift through 1000 pages of manual to find an answer I wouldn’t even know where to start in…douche.

lol, I would point out that you are the one that can’t be bothered to read even the basics … so I think you are pointing the lazy arrow the wrong direction. But, press on …

As I already pointed out, the manual is over 1000 pages, your answer would take seconds to write. Clearly you’re the lazier in this instance. These forums shouldn’t even exist. Teachers shouldn’t exist actually…everyone should just read.

like I said, if you’re too lazy or pretentious to answer, then don’t. I need beginner level help, and you can search the forums for things that can’t be found in the manual. Have fun.

How long would this thread go on and how much total time at 30 seconds for each response would the total be if every question you will eventually ask is answered on the forum vice just using the manual?

For such basic information, you need to familiarize yourself with the manual. Calling someone a douche because they point that out to you, in my opinion, is worse…

First of all, you’re presuming something that hasn’t happened yet, (me posting dozens more questions in the same thread), I asked one question that could have been answered in the first post. Instead, it seems the culture in these forums to give a shorthand response and feel like you contributed by telling someone to read the manual. It may be your opinion otherwise, but I’m sorry is condescending to point me to the manual knowing I’m well aware it exists. If you feel you’re above answering such a basic question , its better to just ignore it than to give a douche response.

I’m pretty sure almost every question in here can be found in the manual.

or, welfare mentality. why work, when everything is free. why waste my time when I can waste someone else’s. there was a clear difference in topic level between your various questions. they started with things that can be confusing and/or convoluted. Asking about status indicators and general interface stuff that is from the realm of “getting started” indicates that you know the manuals exist but can’t be bothered to use them.

I’m far from looking for a free pass. I know the work in going to have to put in to become adept at this program.believe me, I’m reading a lot. I searched for an answer in several locations for about 40 minutes before posting here. The manual is fine, but the answer could be on page 20, or 457, or 708,…etc. I figured I would post the question in the “helpful” Steinberg community, after all, when I registered my software, cubase immediately pointed me in this direction. I’ll be reading the manual, but in the meantime, if there’s anyone more concerned with being helpful, and less concerned with how much work in putting in, let me know, I’d appreciate it.

If you want to insert a plugin for the high pass use the Studio EQ


Thanks guys, I’ll experiment with that when I get home.