Where is the KC for 'Input Tempo'?

How are you supposed to input the tempo with a KC now?

How’d you do it before?

What do you mean? With a kc.

You asked first. :confused:


Ok, let me pose the Q another way.

How are you supposed to input the tempo with a KC now, if there is no KC for ‘input tmepo’?

Never used the KC hence my Q. After looking, it appears you can’t. Yoyu can open and add a tempo track, but I see no way to nav to the tempo box to change the value.

Is this a bug, an oversight…???

Jeff, Are you talking about Cubase 6? I can’t find a command “Input Tempo” in the KCs. (Though it seems to me I might have seen it in Cubase 5?)

Actually, I am talking about v7. I bypassed 6 - is there no such KC in v6? How do you change the tempo with a KC in v6?

That KC is not in C6.

Seriously? Is there any KC that will change the tempo?

Well, I might be remembering this wrong but weren’t there some changes to the tempo track when 6 came out?

I do remember being able to select the tempo field in the transport via a KC, (in C5) is that what you mean?

If you have a tempo track at the top of the project you can tab to the tempo field, I suppose. (I know that’s not what you’re asking for…)

EDIT: Sorry, that’s probably not at all useful to you. You can only do it with a tempo node selected in the tempo track if it at the top of all tracks. So if you have one initial tempo it could work.

I suspect you are not using the tempo track though.

Hey - thanks for the time :slight_smile:

Not using a tempo track; Cubase is set to TEMPO: FIXED, - and I am not referring to nodes here.

Yep - that is what I mean. The KC for this used to be called Input Tempo. Available ony when Cubase is set to TEMPO: FIXED.

Yeah, RIP “Input Tempo” (and some other fields you could access via KCs)

Wow. Why would they do that?

SB - is this a bug, an oversight…??? Can you pass this along to dev, please…thank you.

Seems installing C6 over C4 broke the KC in C4.


SB, any comment?


I can’t find the KC for key command. Maybe as most people only use one tempo or three at most per movie soundtrack they thought it was not a top priority “must have” feature and forgot about it. I use a lot of tempo changes and I did too.
But what the heck? FIX this at once! Or we’ll sue for the RSIs. :mrgreen: