Where is the LoopBack function

I bought my UR22-C because of the loopback function. in new version this function is not here or I am to silly to understand.

Where is the function gone???

You need to change the audio driver now. It’s listed under Music and/or Voice.

It’s a bit long winded now. Ive gone back to the older version but then i dont stream etc.
You need to make sure the driver is set for Streaming/Music.

Go to your “audio connections” tab and go to Inputs. You’ll see your “audio device” where you select “Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO” and when you select the “device port”, you’ll see things like UR816C Input 1 and things like that… and at the bottom of the list you’ll see UR816c streaming R and UR816C streaming L.


Thank you, that is it. Works.
But handling is horror. Every time I need this funktion I have to change my Cubase configuration audio connections. And when finished, all retour.
This is better than the old version ??? I DO NOT THINK SO !!

Totally agree. They have complicated what was a nice simple system for those that don’t need to stream. Now it seems you have to make adjustments in at least two places where as it was one before. How is that progress lol.

Now I am able to switch to streaming input within the track inspector.
ok, works, can live with that.
I made a test:
2 audio tracks, one normal input, the other streaming input.
Set both tracks to recording modus
Running any audiofile with VLC and playing along with my guitar:
the track with normal input gets only the guitar signal
the track with streaming gets VLC and guitar signal

I expected that the streaming track only gets VLC signal, because of the split of the driver, but this is not true, as we see.