Where is the manual in the Help Menu??

I very much appreciate all the generous help everyone on the forum provides and I like to try and RTFM before posting a question but where is the Quick Start and Manual that were listed under Help in the menu?

The on-line link in under Help is very slow and many times doesn’t link to what I need when I enter my searches.

Does someone have a way to get the manual to show up under the Help menu?

Thanks in advance.


In the Cubase menu, there is just a link to the online help. If you want to download the PDF manual, you can find it at www.steinberg.help.

Tip: If you put the PDF in …\Cubase 9\Documentation, hitting F1 (on windows) will open the manual from within Cubase. The Help-menu still takes you to the online help.

Thanks for the replies!
Thanks Martin for the link, I could not find the manual from the Steinberg.net>Support>Download page.

But it doesn’t work. Get this error:
The on-line only manual is retarded because I’m not always connected to the internet when working on projects.

I’m not understanding why Steinberg did NOT include the manual w/ the download and make users jump thru these hoops to manually create a Documents folder. I’m sure this is all in the on-line manual someplace. ((;

Maybe I’m then only one that doesn’t connect to the internet all the time and doesn’t like the online help.

Does anyone know why they removed the manual from the installation?

I don’t know but I agree that they should put it back.

BTW, I got the F1 manual to work. I had Documention and not Documentation folder in the path… What a royal pain in the @$$.

Why those !d10+$ at Steinberg, F@#KING decided to remove the manual from the installation, application and make it hard to find on the website is beyond me…

Anyway, as always thanks for the assistance from you great forum members.

Me too. Instead of being able to open the manual, took 15 minutes of searching and another few to get things working. Thanks for posting, anyway, for others to find.

The advantage of the online manual is, it’s always up-to-date.

True. So why don’t they just make it “update-able” like all the other products and content?
There are MANY reasons and advantages to having it available offline and quickly from within the application.

The offline version could even just be the same html files as available online.

A year later and still no solution to this.

Please, Steinberg, let us access the manual from within Cubase 9. It would be convenient.

(BTW, it’s symptomatic of Steinberg that their own spell-checker here on their forums doesn’t
recognize eithet the word ‘Steinberg’ or the word ‘Cubase’!)