Where is the Manual?

Just installed C9, immediately encountered something I couldn’t intuitively figure out (how do you open Variaudio?), so I clicked Help in the menu bar. Clkicking “Cubase Help” invokes an html file, which for some reason opens in Frontpage (yes I still use it for some things) rather than my browser. This never happened with 8.5

How do I fix this?

Until it’s fixed, where can I find the manual?

Maybe there is a setting in your web browser for opening certain types of files. Like Frontpage has been set as the default somehow for opening such files.

The online help and all PDF manuals for Cubase Pro 9 are available on https://steinberg.help

Thanks for the link to the manual.

I checked my default settings, Chrome is the default program for html files. When I directly click on any html file, it opens in Chrome. As far as I can tell, this only happens in C9 (8.5 links directly to a PDF manual on the hard drive, and doesn’t seem to use any intermediary html file)

This is not a serious problem (as I have downloaded a PDF of the manual) but it IS still an annoyance.

I’ve checked and re-checked all my default settings, and can’t account for this. The default associations seem correct. If I double-click on C:/Program Files/Steinberg/Cubase 9/help/help-redirect/help-redirect-EN.html in Windows Explorer, it opens in my browser as it should.

Likewise, if I past “file:///C:/Program Files/Steinberg/Cubase 9/help/help-redirect/help-redirect-EN.html” into a “Run” window (with OR without the “file://” prefix). It opens in a browser as it should.

It is ONLY when I click “Cubase Help” from C9’s help menu, that the re-directing HTLM file fails to execute, but opens in the Frontpage code editor.

Am I the only one experiencing this?