Where is the Maximizer in WL Elements 7?

Hello all,

I just recently purchased WaveLab 7 Elements from my local retailer. I have loaded it onto my audio PC and I cannot find the Maximizer anywhere.

The product is advertised as having one, but I cannot find it. Forgive my terminology (or lack of) but, the type of maximizer I want is the type that scans the whole audio track and then does its thing (destructive type). This is the same way as the generic “level normalizer” and “change level” tools work in WL E 7. What I mean is that I don’t want the type that acts similar to a compressor where it “acts” on the sound in realtime

Can anyone shine some light onto this?

Kindest Regards,



I think jayjaystevens means the VST3 Maximiser plugin … (one of my favourites and much underestimated, IMHO!)
[EDIT] … or perhaps not :blush: Must read more carefully in future! Maximiser VST3 still high on my list though. :smiley: