Where is the modifier to adjust pitch slope in Pitch & Warp?

Hi - I presume you’re talking about editing the segments in VariAudio… I’ve never been able to adjust pitch/slope in that way, on an audio part in the Arrange window… Is it different for Nuendo I wonder…?

Anyhow, in VA, I find I need to set an ‘anchor point’ first, by clicking over the top line of the segment somewhere near either end and then moving the mouse to the upper left/right corner. It changes to the double-head arrow and I can click and alter the slope/pitch, of just that end, up/down.

Sorry if I’ve misunderstood anything. :wink:

(Oh, and Cubase-er here; no Nuendo…!)


Zoom in far enough and it’s usually on the upper right. No modifier needed here.

Just checked here. No modifier needed no matter what the zoom level.