Where is the monitor section?

I’ve been using Cubase 5 until a couple of weeks ago. Now I’ve switched to a new machine, got Cubase 7 Elements and am trying to set everything up. The one thing I am dearly missing is the monitoring section. In Cubase 5 it contained an additional switch for the Click/Metronome as well as a volume control for the metronome.

I do remember that I had to create this section and re-route some things, it kind of expanded the VST-Connections window. But I have now idea how I did that back then and I could not find anything related in the manual.

Do you guys have an idea where I can find this module? I really need it, it was kind of my most-used tool in Cubase 5.

It´s in the control room, which is in the full version only.

Hi fert,
oh? why do you not upgrade to the biggest Cubase (aka. Cubase 7.x) ?
In comparison to Elements 7 it´s feature-richer and absolutely worth the cost, and you’ve got your > control room…

P.S: what was your last version number of C 5 exactly ?


Just in case you didn’t know… there is a click on/off button in the transport when the show “master & sync” option is on. The only other way I know to adjust the click level and such are under the “transport” > " metronome setup" area. It would be nice to have a method to adjust the click levels in the transport or elsewhere easily accessible. Maybe this should be added in the feature request section?

Thank you guys. Yes, it was the Control Room - sad to see it not included in Elements. I made the conscious decision not to pay more than 100 bucks for this kind of software anymore because I never ever use more than 20% of the features and, frankly, I am frustrated with the performance too often. The happiest I was in the last 10 years was with Cubase LE (3, I guess) which came free with my audio interface. Cubase 7 Elements has everything I need (well, except for this one feature).

I know about that switch in the control window - thanks. The separate volume control would have been cool but I’ll have to live without it. Maybe I can route the metronome to a separate output…

The exact Cubase 5 version? I have no idea, the machine is gone and the software box is way down in the cellar in my home which is many miles away. I am just switching to get 64-bit support.

Cubase 5 had 64 bit support.


Yes. If only that had worked on that machine. I think it’s just fine to bury that version right next to the parallel-port dongle of Cubase VST 3 and enjoy the scalable mixer.