Where is the new licensing system going to leave me?

I pay for two licences, and two dongles - one for my studio and the other to travel with me between several studios I work at.

When I’m working at a remote studio I simply plug in my travel dongle and I’m up and running.

Will I now have to do some de-auth/re-auth every time I go to one of the remote studios? If so, that’s going to be a pain, especially as one of them doesn’t allow their PC to go online.

Or can I (preferably, in my case) go on using my dongles?


Sorry, you will not be able to download Cubase 12 license to the USB-eLicenser anymore.

Thanks Martin.

So how is this going to work for me? I’ve been with Steinberg since Pro-16. I think I deserve a bit of a break!

Hi @The_Elf

Yes, there’ s going to be a need for a bit of de-/re-authorisation process for you BUT only has to happen once a month, for a particular machine, not every visit. My belief it that we will get at least two activations per license this time., so you’ll be using one of those for the non-internet machine(s)

The upshot is, as with any machine running C12, the new system gives you 30 days of use before it’ll need a call home to verify continued activation. Internet connected machines, will be all good; you won’t ever notice this happen, no interruptions, no loss of (Cubase) life. Non-internet machines, see above.

It doesn’t matter when you do the re-activation, you’ll always get 30 days use from that point on…

In some ways its as you were before - but this time taking along an occasional extra ‘dongle’ with you for C12 only… :wink:

And just to cover myself, none of this is gospel; nothing official here - I’ve just expanded on info taken from other forum posts.!

Good luck.!

You get 3 machines with each license that can all be used by YOU without any need for de-activation, just one initial activation for each.

Just note that each license is personal when it comes to use, so you shouldn’t really leave activated on a machine for other users, that’s always been the case though. It’s not enforced, rather an acceptance of terms which you’ve already signed up for.

Reading the NEW terms (Updated today), This means you could have 5 machines consistently activated with no need for online connection, the 6th activation could be one that you de-activate and activate as required.

As only one studio doesn’t allow the machine to go online you’ve got plenty of coverage in the new system. I guess the only negative for yourself would be if you’re wanting to ‘tidy up’ after you’ve left a shared studio, in which case you’d be best to de-active that license when done. One presumes that will be a very simple process.

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This has been changed so only needs a single activation for perpetual use - absolutely no day limit, see here:-


Heck. Life was so much easier with a couple of dongles

Now I’m just hoping Steinberg don’t get sniffy with me for de-authorising and re-authorising on an almost daily basis.


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Read what @skijumptoes has written above …

There’s going to be someone more clever than me to say whether maybe creating a new profile just for you on those other machines with associated password’s etc, might prove fruitful… Sure, some initial pain getting stuff installed/associated under the new profile… but could be a route to consider…

Firstly though, it is brilliant they’ve made these changes - has to be positives in it for you…!

Thanks @skijumptoes… just seen it myself - goodness, I turn my back for a second and they go and change things up massively for the better :smiley: Nice one…!

No positives for me at all. I like the hardware dongle and it makes my life easier. This new system only brings hassle.

I doubt that very much. You are jumping the gun with your judgment.

Then I’m keen to learn. At the moment I have zero problems with dongles. Come the new system I have work to do to sort it out. Where is the positive?

@skijumptoes put it quite well.

Did you read the latest announcement? It’s clear to me they doing a lot to make sure users are happy.

Just wait a bit, and make your judgment based on what your actual experience is with it, rather than falling prey to the negativity that pervades the Internet

The positive is not having to carry around a dongle and being able to simultaneously have machines activated on the same license enabling you great flexibility. Activate once, and you never need to do anything after that but use it.

Another positive is that if you have further additional purchases you can activate those without taking the dongle that it contains. i.e. as this progresses you could technically have 2 licenses of Cubase, but only 1 license of Absolute/HALion/Groove Agent but still use it across those 2 licenses as long as it’s for your personal use and in use on one machine at any one time.

If none of those are advantages to you, then the alternative before this was only 2 activations per license and a 30 day offline clause. I know what’s most appealing to me.

Perhaps it’s time they ponied up for a Cubase licence.


They don’t use Cubase. I do.

Going to just add an update to my original post here - pointing out that Daniel @dspreadbury has now said he’s going to take a look into the whole ‘User Account’ handling issue… Here’s his response from the main Licensing update announcement thread:-

More news will be posted there I’m sure… my main take-out from this is that ‘User Accounts’ - which you set up ONCE and forget - may hold some solution to ease your future situation @The_Elf

I have divided all my steinberg programs over two computers, each with their own dongle. Will I be able to combine all these steinberg programs under one license ? they now have diffent dongle numbers

Agreed. Are you familiar with waves authorization? I actually really like it because it gives me flexibility. Your license lives in the cloud. You can download it to a dongle and use it that way as long as you like. You can also keep it in the cloud and download it to a machine when you need it and upload it again when done. So downloading to machine or dongle is easy, and uploading to cloud also really easy.

Fantastic! Soon my stage backup MacBook Pro will be a true backup.
Love that!