Where is the nudge up/down key command?

I have a key command for nudge up/down (to move an event to a different track without dragging out of position). It’s stopped working. I went to look for it in key commands, and it’s not there. However, as an experiment I tried assigning the same key to a different command, and got the message that I was already using it for nudge up and down, even though it doesn’t work nor is it listed in the key commands. I’m very confused, any idea what’s going on here?


Same as it was in Cubase 12. In the Nudge folder: Up.

Thanks, I found it. I was searching “nudge” and it wasn’t showing up because the key command is simply “Up” not “nudge up”. Now I just have to figure out why it’s not working.


Can you see the Key Command assignment? If yes, I would maybe try to delete it and make the assignment again.

Sorry just saw your reply. When I close Cubase and restart the project, the key command works again, but inevitably stops working pretty soon. I’ll try your advice and report back!

Unfortunately that didn’t work.