Where is the panning coming from?

Using Elements.
Ive got a midi file that i have deleted all the CC data off all the tracks. Ive gone in to the Editor and got it to show the lanes for all the control or SysEx data for each track, and all are empty.
I’m using a Yamaha MODX as controller and sound source. I’m seeing at least one track keep resetting its Pan position when i stop the file running. It also changes at certain points.

Ive got CC follow (if thats the right term) turned off in the Midi settings, along with anything else i can see. Doing this has fixed the issue for now, but where is this change coming from? Even with just this track solo’ed it’s happening. I could stop the track almost anywhere and it would instantly jump to a setting i didnt want.

Any clues to where else i can look for this data?
Thnaks. New to all this and having a hard time figuring it all out, even though I’m sure i know what I’m doing.

I’ve found the List Editor is good for locating hard to find MIDI data in a Part. You can filter what you don’t want to see like note data. Also try sticking a MIDI Monitor on a MIDI Insert for the Track. Good luck.

Unfortunately not available in the Elements version.

What Audio generating device are you triggering? Could it be the panning is in an automation lane of an audio channel somewhere? The cc10 lane also has no data on it?

Thanks guys.
The list editor would be great, but i dont have it. A midi monitor is a good idea though, thanks for the suggestion.

I’m using a Yamaha MODX as master keyboard and audio device. Its working well and i dont see any issues at that end. No automation at that end.
I checked all the relevant CC lanes and although i have a volume control in some none have panning.

As i said, ive found a workaround but feel ive also crippled the functionality in doing this. I’d just like to track down where the command is coming from. Its not even the same notes, and i have Cubase set to not reset any controllers on stop.
I had thought it might be coming from a different track, but it happens even in solo mode.