Where is the Picture of the drum kit in Groove Agent SE 4?

I have to admit that I’m really liking Groove Agent SE 4 a lot now that I’m slowly starting to get a handle on it. I especially like the Hard Rock kit since that’s primarily the genre that I write in.
One question though. I’ve seen in a few places; on-line and in magazines: that there are pictures of the drum kits in the main screen to the right of the pads but I can’t seem to get this up? Is this because I’m using the Artist version or have I just not looked in the right place? Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Ensure you have Acoustic Agent selected and not Beat Agent.

Awesome. Thank you very much. Of course this brings me to the next question. How do I select this? I’m getting Groove Agent form first going to; Project, Add Track and then choosing Grove Agent SE 4 but I’m not seeing a choice between Beat of Acoustic Agents. Can you direct me in the proper direction?

Thanks again!


When loading a kit, be sure that “library name” column is showing and then select the acoustic agent. Once you’ve selected a kit, click on the “instrument” button above the keypads (beside the “pattern” button which may be enabled by default). Also ensure that the “Main” button is enabled at the top of the right hand panel (and not “MIDI FX”).

I’m using Cubase 7.5 (not Artist). When I go to load a kit in Groove Agent SE4, I do not see Acoustic Agent under the Library Name column. I see Beat Agent SE, and then 5 HALion Sonic SE options. What am I doing wrong?

There is no Acoustic Agent in Cubase 7.5 according to this post:


Thanks. I thought I had seen posts by Cubase 7.5 owners saying they had Acoustic Agent, but I guess I was wrong. In fact, looking at the comments above, it seems someone with Cubase 8 answered a question from someone with Cubase 7.5, hence my confusion.