where is the plugin for monitoring put?

Where is the “vst connect monitoring plugin” inserted when I use the “create vst connect” function. I can’t find it anywhere.

If I look at the console mixer I can see the input channel and I see that in an insert the “vst connect pro” is inserted
If I go to my control room mixer and choose the “setup tab” in the control room, I can see the “vst connect cue mix”

However among my plugins in the “network” folder I also have a plug in called “vst connect monitor” where is this supposed to be inserted?

i’m thinking maybe it should be inserted in the control room mixer which in the setup tab has a tab which says “monitor” where I can insert inserts, for example the “vst connect monitor”, however I have no idea what this would do, as I still don’t fully understand the control room. plus my “create vst connect” function does not do this. is this as it should, or perhaps the reason why things aren’t working straight away like it should? ( I have to manually go to the vst connections window, choose the studio tab, and there choose output on the “monitor 1” bus, to be able hear my performer)

It will be created by the “Create VST Connect” function, it is located below the Control Room Monitor section, so not as an insert but after the Monitor. I mean to remember that it sometimes doesn’t show unless you do something…I’m currently on vacation so can’t look it up at the time beeing. Anyway, if you can hear the Performer, just forget about it :slight_smile:

Well, that is my point, I can’t see it, so maybe its not inserted. I mean depending on how you look at it, by just using “create vst connect” then I don’t hear anything of the performer, that’s what I’ve been trying to say.

I did however figure out how to hear the performer by going to vst connections and do as I wrote above:

(I have to manually go to the vst connections window, choose the studio tab, and there choose output on the “monitor 1” bus, to be able hear my performer)

But since you always keep repeating that it’s supposed to work straight away by just using “create vst connect” Im thinking maybe this is part of the problem, that it is infact not inserted on my program, since I can’t see it anywhere.

Just to make sure…of course the Control Room Monitor has to be set to your speakers output, that’s why it’s called monitor :slight_smile:
When the Control Room is enabled, you should set the Output in VST Connections to “Not connected” because the master channel it is routed to the Control Room Monitor, there (and only there) you must set the speaker outputs. Otherwise you can’t hear the Performer as the signal doesn’t get through to your speakers. Please read the Cubase manual Control Room section. Also there is a Control room overview in the devices menu which may help to understand CR routing.
Finally, when you assign outputs to the Control Room Monitor which, as pointed out, you must do anyways, and then you hear the Performer, but don’t see the VST Connect Monitor plugin after the CR Monitor: that’s a bug in Cubase afaik, sorry for that. But it’s there nevertheless (sometimes I could see it but forgot under which circumstances).