Where is the Routing in Artist FX Channels?


I’m helping my friend set up a mix in Artist 6.5, via skype, and discovered that maybe there are some Routing things that are missing. Can you please verify this for me?

Seems that Artist 6.5 has no ability to route the output of an FX Channel into a Group Channel. That kinds makes no sense, but Groups are missing from the Output menu on FX Channels in the Mixer.

So, he want to have the Snare channel Send to an FX channel for compression and have both Snare channel and FX channel Output to a Snare Group channel. Pretty straight forward stuff. But Artist doesn’t show Groups in the Output routing of the FX channel, in the mixer. Nor does it have Sends on the FX channel. So he’s stuck with FX going straight to the Stereo Outputs, which not what we’re looking to do.

Is this correct? Or is there some magical way that FX can route to a Group, that I’m unaware of.

Cubase (full version) does it no problem, even has Sends on the FX channel.

Are these Routing options left out of Artist?


I can’t check now but I never ran into that so I think it should be possible.

thanks, Strophoid. if you could check that it would be pretty great of you.

No, it´s not, just as FX channels don´t have sends in CA 7.

Indeed it isn’t. Funny I never ran into that.

So, best advice for my friend running Artist is to upgrade to Cubase full ?

If he can´t live with this limitation, and doesn´t want to use groups, then obviously yes…