Where is the Score Editor Manual for Cubase Pro 10 [Solved]


Where can I find the Score Editor Manual for C10 pro? It the manual for the MIDI editors we have the following:

787 MIDI Editors
787 Common MIDI Editor Functions
803 Key Editor
814 Key Editor Operations
822 Basic Score Editor (Cubase Artist only)
829 Score Editor Operations (Cubase Artist only)
836 Drum Editor
849 Drum Editor Operations
852 Drum Maps
856 List Editor
865 List Editor Operations
870 In-Place Editor

As you can see there is no dedicated Score Editor section for C10 pro and I just noticed some score editor’s feature in Artist for example does not work in Pro! I just found one for c9.5 but it is not for c10: https://steinberg.help/cubase_pro_score/v9.5/en/Cubase_Pro_Score_9_5_Score_Layout_and_Printing_en.pdf

Anyone know where I can find it please?

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https://steinberg.help/cubase_pro_score/v10/en/Cubase_Pro_Score_10_Score_Layout_and_Printing_en.pdf ??

I don’t think there is a single word different from older one. I hope Steinberg is finally listening to people who desire to have better/new features for score editor? if it is a matter of money, i suggest them to offer an add-on product as NEK for Nuendo to have more features. We will pay for it.

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Like His Majesty, “We” also think that improvements would be more than welcome :smiley:

There is no single section in the Manual for the Score Editor as far as I can see. I seems to be interspersed amongst the other things

There is none! and the even the layout and printing manual is not written having first time readers in mind. So many places there are talking about the tools by names without pointing to an icon or a toolbar. We paid for the product and we want better performance after all these years. Honestly, upgrading the score editor is not a big challenge. Steinberg has the code, the developers need to write a couple of functions in C++ or whatever and test cases, of course after the marketing team calls for it!

The Score Editor for Cubase Pro is a separate manual.



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The office webpage for are all the manual are below:


In page 8 of the OM we read: The documentation covers the following Steinberg products: Cubase Pro and Cubase Artist.
It is interesting that Score editor is not a part of OM for Artist and not pro!

Just a suggestion to Steinberg: as a subsection of MIDI Editors: Score Editor Operations: We refer Cubase Pro users a separate documentation published…