Where is the Script Menu?

I’ve been trying to figure out how to make a simple macro in Dorico and I see old references to the “Script Menu” all over the place; however, I don’t see this “Script Menu” in Dorico, I can’t seem to find any option to enable it, and I see no documentation or explanation of where I might be able to do that.

Anyone have a solution?

Hi @Matt_Wolsfeld and welcome to the Forum!

Which version of Dorico are you using?
The Script menu should appear (at least in Dorico Pro) just after the Help menu (at least on macos):

If you find it , you can then record some actions and when stop recording, you can save your macro as script.

From a recent online event, @dspreadbury touched on the eventuality that in future Dorico will use some other system (instead of the actual LUA scripting) that involves java-script (sorry if these informations that I give are wrong or reserved, in that case I am happy to delete this part of my reply…). But in the meantime the macro recording functionality can be very useful (or even better if you can program your own scripts…, what I can definitely not :wink: )

Hi Christian,

I’m using Dorico Elements Is this something that’s only in Pro? I had thought the comparison chart showed that scripting was still available in Elements.

The comparison chart does not seem to mention scripting. I launched Dorico as Elements (by holding the Option key as it launched) and I don’t see any Script menu.

So I should assume here that this is a Dorico Pro feature? Guess I’m out of luck.

Strange though, as the most recent update added all of the Pro features to my menus, but disabled them with lock icons. Interesting they didn’t add the Scripts menu with a similar lock icon. I thought I was going insane seeing so much discussion of this menu across the forums though no information anywhere as to why it wasn’t showing for me.

See the last paragraph of my post here above, maybe has to do with this… :wink:

Here’s hoping on that future functionality and that it will be available to Elements users as well.

Thanks for your help!