Where is the Stereo Expander ?


anybody knows where the Stereo Expander went ?

There has never been a dedicated stereo expander.

The StereoEnhancer plugin?

Still there if this is what you mean.

Steinberg have been tidying up the Plug in manager, and VST3 categories, so things are not where they always used to be
but assuming you are still using the Default plug in manager option, Stereo enhancing and Mono to Stereo is now under

Steinberg - Spatial + Panner

… or just search at the top of the insert plugin list … :smiley:

I don’t know what it is about Stereo Enhancer but it’s still my go-to widener - I have probably a dozen posh alternatives but I still use Stereo Enhancer at least two or three times in every mix, what a cracking little plugin.

Expander is still there, just search at top of list.

No worries Thx.

It’s an old 32 plug and work now with J-Bridge