Where is the Trial?

Good morning, I have a student who wants to download the Trial for Mac OS. Is it out? We can’t find it!

It’ll appear on e.g. this page as a “Try Now” button at some point today. Check back in a few hours.

Thank you Daniel - you’re certainly putting some hours in!

Unfortunately it looks like there is some kind of technical hitch holding up the deployment of the trial sign-up process (you have to provide an email address so we can email the 30-day activation code to you) and I’m waiting for an update from my colleagues in Hamburg, so it’s possible the trial’s release will be delayed to tomorrow. If I get any more information I will pass it on.

I stand corrected: I have literally just heard from Jonas in Hamburg that the trial is live, and indeed you can now download it from here:


When exactly does the trial period start to run?

I just got the first mail after signup and I wonder if it will start immediately when I follow the “Click to activate your subscription!” link or if it will start when I start Dorico the first time…

And can you confirm just what happens at the end of 30 days? Does Dorico continue with saving disabled, or does it become completely unavailable?

I would like to install the demo on my laptop, in order to learn Dorico in odd moments so that I’m ready to use it productively on my studio computer when a few essential features (for me) arrive. But if I only get 30 days, I’m going to have to carefully choose WHICH 30 days…

On my second computer (MacBook Pro) I downloaded the Application Installer and then was able to download 9 GB of data, at which time the aria Installer stalled, while I had to leave the house. Does this procedure make sense to get a trial version?

Is it possible to get a demo license if one already owns a full license…? I ordered a demo about an hour ago, with the idea of installing it on my laptop, eleminating the hazzle of (remember to) carry the dongle along at all times - but the promised email has not yet arrived (yes, I also looked in the spam folder)

Estigy, the trial period starts as soon as you run eLicenser Control Center, enter the Activation Code you have been sent by email, and click Start License Period. It does not start the moment you receive the code by email.

Laurence, at the end of 30 days, Dorico becomes completely inoperable: it will simply prompt you for an activation code when you run it, and it will not proceed any further. You won’t, for example, be able to continue running it in a save-disabled mode.

Frank, there is as far as I know no restriction on obtaining a trial license even if you already have a permanent Dorico license. The email takes a few minutes to come through, and it may well come through into your spam folder, so please check carefully. The email has the subject line “Your activation code for Dorico trial version”.

Daniel, no email comes through. I’ve tried twice… could you double check? (No urgency!)

Frank, I have checked with our web team and it is intentional that existing registered Dorico users will not receive a trial activation code if they use the same email address used for their Dorico full license registration. I’ve asked if it might be possible for there to be some kind of warning about this if you enter an email address that is already associated with a full Dorico license, but I’m not sure it’s going to be a high priority as in general the trial is going to be used by people who, by definition, have not already bought Dorico.

I guess that is why I received an activation code (different email adress), although I did not even ask for it ^^ Yet I am happy to have one, in case I need to install the program on a short time base on another computer !

Estigy, the trial period starts as soon as you run eLicenser Control Center, enter the Activation Code you have been sent by email, and click Start License Period. It does not start the moment you receive the code by email.

Hi, Daniel.
I downloaded Dorico back then, but never started the installation process. (I wanted to wait for a later update wich more features…)
Today I got an email from Steinberg reminding me that my trial period was to end within 4 days.

How is this possible? I hope there’s an error in the timing of the email, since I never started any installation, registration, or licensing process…

The emails are sent automatically based on when you requested the trial, on the assumption that you would have started the trial immediately after you requested it. If you haven’t activated the trial activation code you received, then your trial hasn’t started. Simple as that.

Hi, Daniel.

Great! Thanks for your clarification. :slight_smile:

Maybe you could file a bug report with Steinberg’s License Team.

It’s not a bug, Estigy, and not something that the licensing team can do anything about. You should probably be comforted that we don’t track our customers’ activities so closely that we can connect together the act of requesting a trial and eventually purchasing and installing the software from a single user in order to prevent those emails from being sent!