Where is the user track preset stored in Win7?

When I was doing a project last night,I tried to call out my audio track presets ,but It is all disappeared!
I tried to find where user defined track preset stored , all I can see from web searching and cubase5 operation manual only show me the location of winXP.

Finally I tried this location

user/appdata/roaming/steinberg/track presets/

and there are nothing in it even I created new presets.

I’m just wonder where has it gone and where exactly it stored ? Anybody helps? :imp:

I’m using Win7 , Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

The location you described below is where I found mine. Perhaps the were deleted somehow?

C:/Users/your name or computer name/my documents

Thank you! but I can’t find it in both of two folder you refered. :frowning:
It is weird ! is it a bug? I will try not to reinstall win7 to figure this out . :confused:

The only other suggestion is to type in windows search, Presets or try searching for VST3 Presets. Hope you find them!

I did it but still can’t find it. very strange :open_mouth: .