Where is the VST Amp Rack?

Likely a silly question, but it doesn’t appear anywhere in the manual or in the knowledge base under the Boolean search: “vst amp rack.” I run Windows XP and have successfully installed the 6.02 update. I can see it in the Plug-in Information panel in the devices menu, but it doesn’t appear anywhere under the lists of plug-ins in the insert panel or under the plug-ins menu from the Audio menu. Thanks in advance; Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Peace, Kris Brown

It’s an effect not a plugin.

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Your response indicates to me that I appear to have asked the wrong question. I would now ask "Where did I go wrong if I don’t have a “Steinberg” in my list of plug-ins in a track’s insert menu? I think that I selected the Steinberg defaults when doing any installations or updates.

Easy mistake on your part. In the Cubase CDs, the amp rack is there in the one with the ‘extra’ or additional files. I did the same thing. :laughing:

You need to install all of these files then it will appear in your efx drop down window. You will quickly see, after you do the install of these extra files that you missed more than the amp rack. For example, LoopMash2 files are here also, etc.

Is that simply because you don’t have “Sort VST Plug-ins Menu by Vendor” checkmarked in Preferences>VST>Plug-ins?
Without that option, you should see the “Distortion” folder directly in the Plugin-ins menu… with VST Amp Rack inside it. :slight_smile:

Aha! I do see it in the plug-ins under the “distortion” plug-in. Thanks so much for the quick and plentiful responses. I love Cubase because I can keep working and not get bogged down very often by obstacles such as these.

Cheers, Mr. Brown

Wow, and they sound great. I have awesome guitar amps, but do most of my writing late at night. This will be useful.

Every video, post, and answer from Cubase and/or Steinburg says I should find VST Amp Rack under Inserts in Cubase. I received Cubase LE AI Elements with my Steinberg UR44C. Thinking I needed an upgrade I purchased an Elements upgrade. When installing I got message ‘Already Installed’. How do I access Amp Rack!? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Update the license with the download code you received with the update purchase.