Where is the VST2 version of the plugin?

Um, where is the VST2 version of the plugin? I no longer see it anywhere.

My DAW of choice does not support VST3.

On the Retrologue 2 page on the Steinberg site it says in the System Requirements section:

PlugIn format (Win)

Retrologue: Virtual Analog Synthesizer | Steinberg

If you update to the latest version, Steinberg is very kind and erases the VST2 without telling you. AND I RFM before and not a word about it. Just poof…gone…like Kaiser Soze…

And after updating to C12 they also did not tell you you have to manually update Retrologue and Padshop. But I need VST2 in Komplete Kontrol, so I am still stuck with the dongle, and ½ a day wasted trying to fix/understand this mess…

It seems you can still download and install the older version: Cubase Pro 11 Downloads | Steinberg

Same for Padshop …

Yes, Steinberg is not a good company, very user-unfriendly.
No wonder more and more developers are switching to Clap instead of VST3. Clap is an open standard, so no more ripping developers off the way Steinberg has been doing for many years now.

Meanwhile I have already abandoned Retrologue. I discovered an old Hybrid 3 license yesterday, updated, and I like it a lot, it has a nice, polished, musical sound, and more features (2 complete layers, actually), except for Retrologue’s Resonator section, which is pretty unique (it allowed me to make even saxophone patches: Box ). I will miss the Resonator a bit, but what the heck… :grinning:

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