Where is this Drum map coming from? (Cubase Pro)

I have a Groove Agent drum kit (“BlocksSticksBongos”) where the lowest note any pad is mapped to is C1. There is nothing in banks 1 and 2. I mapped my Drum Editor map to the instrument as shown by the green arrow in the attached image. What is all the stuff below C1, i.e., below the purple line? If I put notes down there they play instruments way up the scale, for example if I play a note at A0 it plays the drum at C4, And no,that drum is not called “Pentatonic Rise”. None of the names below C1 correspond to any of the drums in this kit. So where does it get those and how do I get it to only show the names of drums in the current kit?

Thanks in advance.

They may be triggering the patterns, not the individual hits. But if you only have a short note triggering them you may only hear one drum sound. (the start of the pattern) Try triggering them with a longer note value and I expect you may hear it’s one of the pattern banks being played.

I don’t understand how this relates to my question. . My question is where is the drum map is getting the labels below C1 (e.g., “Duo X1”, “Rain Theme”, etc)., since they do not exist in the current kit.

okay, sorry if I’m not understanding. But when you use create drum map from instrument function, It will add the names of the patterns to the drum map as well as the names of the individual drum hits, I simply thought this may be what you’re seeing, sorry if I am mistaken. If you click on Pattern in Groove agent (next to the instrument button above the pads) Is there not items there with corresponding names? Sorry again, if i’m still not understanding, I’ll shut up now :slight_smile:

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