Where is this symbol in cubase 12 in key score

Where is this symbol in cubase 12 in key scores for 2 pentagrams

Llave pentagrama

What is “this”? What symbol are you referring to?

I think we don’t understand what you mean with “Pentagram” Do you mean Staff?

Time sig? Accidentals (sharps, flats)? Clef?

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Set of five parallel and equidistant horizontal lines on which musical notes and other notation signs are written. (Staves)
from cubase 10 this symbol disappeared.
It is like a key that is placed at the beginning of everything to indicate that the score is for piano.

Are you talking about the “brace”?

Yes, exactly in Spain “keys or brackets” llaves o corchetes

In English just Brackets. llaves are the Clefs (treble, bass, alto etc.)

Thank you very much steve, solved

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no hay de que!

It’s nothing!