Where is “transpose” on the information line?

I wanted to transpose the entire song down a whole step, but a couple of audio tracks didn’t come along. I can see in the editor below that global transpose is set to independent, and I have a feeling that might be why. But how do I change it?

Oh I see, you have to right click on the information line and then there’s a pop-up with options.

I sure wish Steinberg had better documentation, it’s like a scavenger hunt sometimes.

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Hi @dg2468,

to reproduce this, I just started Cubase as Cubase Artist and tried a simple project setup with a few pasted-in audo clips (also from Bandlab).

In my test project, the lower zone info bar field says: “Global Transpose - Follow”, the same as the corresponding field in the project’s main info bar. At first, I hadn’t recorded anything to that fresh project, besides having added those few audio clips by pasting them in as new tracks.
Whenever I LEFT MOUSE CLICK in the main (upper) info bar’sGlobal Transpose” field (if made visible by using the right click context menu!), I can always switch easily between both modes:
Follow” or “Independent”.

Also, even according to this Steinberg help base entry…:

Transpose Track and Recording

…I’ve had no sudden / unwanted changes happening to the “Global Transpose” info bar field status, even after having recorded a few bars of MIDI and audio to that same project.

BUT if I have the lower zone editor open, then select an audio track and then try to switch modes in the (seemingly) corresponding “Global Transpose” field by LEFT MOUSE CLICK, there won’t be any reaction - so perhaps this is intended by Steinberg - very much like you experienced it in your example.

mode switching regarding to “Global Transpose” seems only possible by left clicking into the main info bar’s field(s) of a Cubase project. Whereas none of the fields in the lower zone info bar seem functional for clicking into, in order to change track related values or statuses. So if I’m not entirely wrong, the lower zone info bar only seems to be mirroring a project’s main info bar status entries / values.



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