Where is "zoom mode" in Key Editor and Audio Part Editor toolbars?

I’m on Cubase Pro 12. In sample editor toolbar I can toggle between different zoom modes, like: global zoom, clip based zoom, auto-zoom to event

I do miss this function in the key editor as well as in the audio part editor. Anyone else…?

Since clips are only present for audio events, there cannot be anything like tthat for midi or audio parts.
The auto-zoom to event feature, however, can be assigned as a key command. I am using this to see all events inside a part in the Key and Audio Part editor.

If there’s no midi clips, then we can not zoom in to them, shure. But midi parts apparently are a thing. So, to implement a setting to automaticly zoom to a midi part when opening it in the Key Editor, should be doable. And it would help the workflow a lot.

As for the Zoom to Event [Shift-E] key command, it’s not working. I don’t know why, but on the attempt of using it I get a yellow pop-up, saying:
“The key combination …is not currently available”

I love Cubase. It’s got su much…personality :crazy_face:

Just to make sure we’re on the same page:

This is the Zoom to Event in the Zoom section of the Key Commands. (I have a custom key command.)
You open a part in the Key Editor and then hit the key command.

I think the way Cubase determinbes what to show in the Key Editor works like this:
It remembers the last amount of bars/seconds that you set up to display in the editor. On the next time you open the editor it will display the same amount of bars/seconds with the play cursor in the center. Except for if the cursor is not on top of the part. Then the event start is just at the left border.
Wow, it reads complicated.

But yeah, I agree. Would be nice to have the option to always Zoom the entire Part in the Key Editor similiar to the Sample editor.

Yep, we’re on the same key command. For you, does this apply in the project window as well?
As a test, I’ve assigned a different key combo, but without success. It also doesn’t work for audio events or parts. At first couple of hits, just nothing happens. After the fourth or attempt try, the aforementioned pop-up appears. However, the other zoom related commands do function well.

In my opinion it would be really nice to have more consistency overall in some (not to say: many) features.

No, it is not meant to work in the project window.
In my above screen shot use “Zoom to Selection Horizontally”.

It works in the Audio Part Editor.
It cannot work for “audio events” because there is no audio event editor.

Please don’t take it the wrong way when I ask if you know what events, parts, and clips in Cubase are? And their relationship to each other?

It’s alway okay to ask. Sometimes I kinda struggle a little about the right interpretation fo those terms.
As I think of it, Parts are a container to hold Events (audio or midi), while audio Events are the displayed and edited incarnation of an audio Clip, which again is a reference to the underlying audio file(s). Audio files are the instances that are processed and modified and are therefore saved in different versions.
Am I even close?

Okay, I can confirm that. But then why the hell does it say “Zoom to Event”?! It should be “Zoom to Part,” right?

I don’t think I was referring to an audio event editor at any point. But to mix things up a bit, here’s a quote from the manual:
“The Sample Editor provides an overview of the selected audio event.”
There you can set start and end points for events… So it is is it actually an Event Editor and should it be called that? This way it would no longer compete with the naming of the Sampler Control tab. :wink: …just kidding.

With all that being said, I now want to not only have an “Auto Zoom to Part” setting for Key Editor and Part Editor, but also use the “Zoom to Event” command in the Sample Editor.

Super close.
I would define audio events of windows to an audio clip. They show either a section or the entire clip and let you draw on them - fades, gain, volume envelope…

Ah, well… the manual again. It is a bit wrong. The Sample Editor shows the audio clip. Event boundaries can be superimposed on the display and there is the option to show the clip only within the constraints of the selected audio event. This is the option you would like to have also for the Key Editor. However, while in the Sample Editor the clip is the 100% of the content and the event is a subset of that clip in the Key Editor it would be the timeline is the 100% of the content and the Part is the subset.
From a user’s perspective this is just the same, from the program design principles it is something different.
Personally, I am a big fan of taking the user’s perspective as the main design principle.

You are absolutely right that Zoom to Event is a very misleading name.