where it shows the length of the container

:blush: Hello,

It’s stupid, but in Cubase (7) I can not find where it shows the length of the container (when you click). It is the beginning and the end, but I hopefully should not take out his pocket calculator …

Same for the length of the seizure area.

I am used in Pro Tools, so I must be missing something simple here …

Thank you.

Which “container” are you referring to?

Info line.

Ça sera le “Event” :wink:

If you open the Info Line you will see your selected item’s info, and the selected range (when the range tool is active)

You use the Setup Window Layout (Spécifier Configuration de Fenêtre) button to do this. Now you see why French books have more pages than english. :wink:

(spilt posted while I was writing my novel)

Thank you Steve. I discovered the function (very simple, in fact, when you know …) after my message and tried to delete without success. In French, a clip is a container. I think in English too. Thank you all.