Where send wishes about Bravura font?

Where send wishes about Bravura font? i seen this somewhere but i not found where.

You mean suggested changes or improvements? Here.

Improvements. i put issues side in Github… and i want Elaine Gloud Behind Bars book style symbol hihat half open. what is circle with diagonal line. Bravura Text has such but wrong thickness use with Bravura font. my own Dorico Pro trial made looks like this:

this is only quick test. And notes where i put them they are not hihats but is not point here. and made later bit better line is more centered now.

Bravura is the reference font for SMuFL, so any glyphs can only be added if they are also added to SMuFL. Please add your request here:

together with some references to the places (preferably multiple publications) where the symbol is used.

Looks like i found symbol but have Dorico Pro related issue what have own thread.