Where Should I Send Crashlogs


I just started my first piece of paid work in Cubase 7.5 after a recent move from Logic.

The first day is not going well. In the last 20 minutes alone, Cubase has crashed twice just whilst navigating aroiund the Project Window. This is a little soul destroying, as it’s taken me literally weeks to migrate my complete template from Logic, setup all my key commands etc.

Is there somewhere I can send crashlogs, where they’ll get looked at? I have that slightly sick feeling you get when you’ve made a massive commitment to something, only to find out it might not be up to the job. I really truly hope that’s not the case.

Many thanks for any help.


Not really anywhere to send them where they’re guaranteed to be looked at, but you can post them in the issues section and it’s just possible a moderator will pass them on. You can also phone up the official Steinberg support line, they will help you with any problem and provide you with advice as to how to fix it.

One thing I’d say is that you make sure you have the latest drivers for everything, particularly the latest Motu drivers and graphics card drivers.

I have the 424 card myself and I’m fairly sure it causes blue screens and lock-ups because when I swap to using another audio box (m-audio profire on firewire, which I use for simple sessions sometimes) I don’t experience any blue screens. That said, I’m on the latest drivers and it still BSODs. Perhaps you could try a session using another sound box output, or the inbuilt soundcard, just as a test?

Graphics card drivers were causing me display trouble the other day with the new mixer implementation. A moderator suggested this, I checked, updated and the problem went away. Not a crash, granted, but it solved a display problem, could be this is causing a crash in your system.

Also Antares Autotune has caused problems recently, although I haven’t had cause to use it for a while so I can’t say if this has been sorted. Melodyne I’m usually cautious with as well, I save before adding it. But it’s certainly the case that plugins cause some crashes. Again, VST2 plugins via the Steinberg BitBridge are probably the worst culprits. JBridge provides an alternative to BitBridge should you really need VST2 plugs.

This is general info, and it goes along the lines of firstly making sure that the system is fully up-to-date, then the troubleshooting begins by removing some things which may cause the trouble, and by a process of elimination seeing if it gets sorted.


Hi Mike

I really appreciate your help.

Unfortunately I’m tied to the 424 if that’s really the culprit. Generally I’ve found Motu drivers to be pretty robust, and the 424 is a very mature platform, so I’d be surprised if it’s introducing problems into the system, but who knows …

I don’t use any plugins in my template (just VST instruments) so it’s not Autotune or any other inserts. That said, I do work with a very big template - lots of instances of Kontakt and Vienna Ensemble Pro. Nonetheless, the system was purpose built for this purpose - 2 x 8 Cores of the latest Xeons, plus 128GB of Ram so it should be more than capable of handling what I’m throwing at it. I’m only using about 50% of the available Ram and the VST performance meter sits at around 20%, so I don’t see that the system is being overly stressed at all.

I will try updating graphics drivers just in case. The most recent two crashes, which happened in quick succession, were when I was just navigating around the Project Window using the arrow keys. It’s a brand new project so there’s only a handful of midi clips so far - nothing even remotely taxing.

I’ve emailed tech support with a link to all my logs, and will just have to hope I get a response. Regular crashes basically render a system unworkable, so I’m just crossing my fingers for a quick and relatively pain-free resolution.

Thanks again for your help.