Where should i store the files

i prepare my songs in cubase, (pro12), then i export via VST media project (1.1.53). When i export the files in the same folder, it seems that they are ovewritten, becouse i have the lyrics from another song (in cubase, they have the same names),
when i store outside the VST folder, close VST and open again, the midi, chord and lyric files are missing.
what ist the way to go?

  1. when i export midi files with automation inside, i cant see it in VST, i have to export/import midi files additionally.

Hi @BlazingBlazer,

I cannot follow your problems. I m sorry. Let’s try to get it sorted for me

You have a Cubase Project and you do an export with “Cubase / Menu / File / VST Live / Export Project…”. For that you need to select a destination-folder which should be empty. I guess that is working.

Now I am lost :frowning:

Now I am lost again. Where do you store what? Sorry …

… are you talking about the “Cubase / Menu / File / VST Live / Export Project…” which is missing something?


i’ll try to explain.

first try:
i made a subfolder in the cubase project folder, from there i imported to VST. but i had empty tracks after re-opening the vst song
second try:

i exported from cubase in the VST-project folder
then i had the problem that the chord and lyric tracks are mixed (in the wrong song)

all of these is on an external drive

i have a midi file in cubase with “cc69” information to remote my helix
but when i export it with " / VST Live / Export Project…" the midi file is empty with no midi data

when i choose " exportieren/MidiDatei"
cubase ask if i want to export also automation

i hope it was understandable :man_shrugging:

Just a suggestion/thought on this. I use a studio workstation computer in the home studio to create the VST-Pro files and a laptop on stage

I think this is a very interesting question where/how best to organize the external files. My idea of VST Pro is that you create the VST Pro projects on your studio workstation and then transfer them to the Stage laptop with a USB stick. So that the VST project files then work, it is important that the “external” files are in the same folder structure, so that this works (if VST-Pro “only” uses the links to the files internally) then it is up to the user, in the Basically organizing all the files used in a “live folder” on the studio workstation so that you can then copy this folder to the USB stick and transfer it to another computer.

OR: VST Pro gets an “Export for Stage” function that copies all files used in the project file into one folder (next to the project file) so that only the project file and this folder need to be copied to another computer. However, this poses the problem that the paths to the external files in the project file would then have to be changed to this export folder, which then no longer works for work on the studio workstation computer. Why is this so complicated :wink:

I wish you all a nice weekend!

File/Save Archive

Am i really the only one with this problem?
I import a media project from cubase, all tracks an files are visible an playing. i close VST and when i open again, some tracks are empty

no matter if i select “copy files to project” or not
can someone help me please :pray:

When you imported the project you chose “New Song”, so you essentially imported a Song to the current project - whatever that was, cannot see the window title (project name) in your video.
As you did just “Save” it should work when opening from “Recent Projects”, but you may have to watch out for where your project was saved, so check the export/import folders as well.
Also all of your projects are on different drives. That should also not matter with v 1.1.54 that you appear to use (nevertheless you should update to 1.1.55 here, but ou may have to check those as well.
If all else fails pls send us your .vlprj file so we can check where those files are expected. And all of this assumes that you have not moved files in between all those actions.

i did, no difference,

I tried your way, put all files in the same drive “d” select new “song/import song project” choose the file from cubase export, rename song, did this for 2 more songs, close/open VST.
this time the lyrics are visible, but all other files are missing :triumph:!

here are all files in a zip folder and also screen recordings: