Where to buy a UR 22 MK2 power adapter (Benelux region)

Does anyone know where to buy a Steinberg UR 22 MK2 Adapter in the Benelux or German region (I am living in The Netherlands). Online or Retail. I found several adapters on amazon in the States but it takes way too long to ship them. Thanks

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Try this online store

Thanks but I already have the UR22 audio interface I only need an adapter

@JuergenP has suggested you shop for what you need at that online store, not that you should buy another unit…

Anyway, any 5v 0.5 amp power adapter will do. The UR22mkII doesn’t actually come with a power adapter. See the manual for exact specifics.


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As @steve said, this is a store completely focused on everything around music and they also have all kinds of accessories that might be needed somewhere.

However, the UR22mkII can be used completely without an adapter. I have the same unit here and it works just by USB power.