Where to copy Additional Content .vstsound files to Cubase 7

I’ve just had to do a clean install, and put on C7/64 cleanly.
Do i need to manually copy the .vstsound files that come with C7 to data folder?

I manually installed the setups in this folder (PadShop, LoopMash content, Allen Morgan Groove Agent sounds etc), but there seems to be heaps of extra .vstsound files that are not already on my system.
Where should i copy these files? I have some in a Common folder for Halion 4, there are some in another Cubase folder, i cant find any documentation about it.

all sound set files are normally located in cubase7>vst sound folder , i copied all sound files from the c7 contents disk manually to this folder and then scaned in the media bay and all works as expected :wink:


I want to look into this I just got cubase artist 7 and want to see if there are more sound files on the cd that need to be intalled. Worth looking into