Where to download 8?

I activated an N7 license that I’ve been hanging on to since buying it when it was on sale months ago, and that activated fine. I then logged into MySteinberg and added the new dongle to my account. Lastly, after doing a ‘perform maintenance’ in eLicenser Control, it updated the license to N8 automatically (nice!)

Back on MySteinberg it shows on the Software tab “Nuendo 8 CC (DAC)” (…CC DAC?) and lists the same on the eLicenser tab under the proper dongle, but the Downloads tab just has Cubase 9 from my other licenses.

Is there just a lag in it getting attached to my account, or am I supposed to be looking somewhere else?

You need to go to the page where you check the eligibility for the grace period. Put in your e-licencer serial & the N8 downloaders will be listed.


Got it, thank you!

Having the same issue here, but ChazC’s suggestion didn’t work for me. It just said I was ineligible for the grace period and displayed no download links.

You need to make sure you’ve activated the licence to your e-licenser first & also done a maintenance sync from the control centre.

I did three times, haha. Even a day later it still isn’t showing up.

I have the same problem, cant find any n8 to download and noone seems to understand the problem.

Go here https://shop.steinberg.net/c/shop?ml=EN&mode=info and login to the Steinberg Online shop, find your purchase and download it.

That did it! Thank you so much!