Where to download C6?

sorry my stupid question, but where i can download C6 for mac…all i see is updates available on Steinberg ftp, but not Cubase it’s self…hmm, plz help.
Thanx in advance :wink:

C6 was never a download, only boxed. You’re not saying where you’re coming from, so can’t add much to that, other than ‘download a trial version’.

yes trial version only is available at ftp…oky, i found my original C4 dvd trying to install it, but damn…i can’t install it to my macbook with new SSD drive :astonished: SOS!!!
My macbook is old one 2006 black 13inch with firewire port, i using it for the gigs and this friday is my next gig…arghhh, Steinberg says Cubase will work on SSD drives only since OS X 10.7 (Lion)…mine is OSX 10.5.8 OMG what i do now??? …trying to update software, it’s says your software is UP to Date!!! :imp:
Any ideas?

Trial version is same as full version if you have the full licence on your dongle.

trying to update software, it’s says your software is UP to Date!!!

You’re not giving enough info for anyone to help you…what software is up to date??

But if Steinberg say you can’t run Cubase on an SSD pre Lion and that is correct, your only options are to ditch the SSD or update to a later OSX.

upffff MIRICLE just happends :mrgreen:
I just downloaded trial of C6 and thanx for telling me that it will work as full version with my dongle!
By software up to date i ment OSX on macbook, it’s runs already latest OSX 10.5.8 on my old macbook…higher OSX can not be installed and I was so upset that Cubase could run only on OSX 10.7 and higher on SSD…so i was ready to replace SSD with old HDD hmmmmm, but just for the sake of test I did installed C6 on SSD to OSX 10.5.8 and WOW it’s working!!!
pffffff nearly had a heart attack hehehehe :mrgreen: